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Inspired by Homi K. Two out of five fights are already over and the atmosphere has become tense. Every single loan chair on the ringside is occupied by fans of all ages and genders; most of them are people living in Tijuana, occasionally joined by gente del otro lado. While the more expensive ringside seats are taken primarily by people belonging to the clase media tijuanense mostly, the majority of the audience fills the significantly cheaper plastic rows farther from the ring. Many of them are wildly making use of pipes, rattles, and horns, others are consuming beer, tortas, and nachos sold by vendors constantly announcing their goods. Suddenly, a wild light show starts — coming along with ear-piercing, slightly aggressive techno beats and the arrival of an elderly, elegantly dressed master of ceremonies. His deep voice, even drowning out the deafening sound of the music, announces the third match of the night: a fight relevo australiano, a dos que trés caídas sin límite de tiempo [4] The techno beats grow even louder, and luchador Zarco jumps into the ring, followed by his fellow tag partners, Cínico and Viento. The partially masked team of Tijuana-based rudos [5]dressed in matching black and leopard-patterned fighting gear, is complete. While being searched for weapons by two réferis clad in black and white uniforms, they wait impatiently for their opponents.

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