SPAREX book proposal 1 [work in progress, 2014-2015]

The SPAREX research team elaborated an English language book proposal to be submitted to a publishing house. The working title of the volume is: Racialized marginality in the context of postsocialist neoliberalism. Editors: Enikő Vincze, Norbert Petrovici, Cristina Raț and Giovanni Picker.

This proposal consists of a book summary that includes an Introduction and subsequent Chapter abstracts, as well as a list of references that informed our approach to a politically engaged and critical analysis of spatial marginalization and Roma ghettoization under postsocialist conditions, ethnographically documented in Romanian cities increasingly reshaped by neoliberal capitalism.  

Preliminary contents

Introduction. Neoliberalization and socio-spatial marginalization/ghettoization of Roma in postsocialist Romania – Norbert Petrovici, Cristina Raț, Anca Simionca, Enikő Vincze

Chapter 1. Local economies, development, and underdevelopment – Anca Simionca

Chapter 2. Marginality and proletarization processes – Norbert Petrovici

Chapter 3. Social citizenship at the margins. A return to charity? – Cristina Raț

Chapter 4. The politics of socio-spatial exclusion and “Roma” as racialized subject  – Enikő Vincze

Chapter 5. Roma neighborhoods. Toward a typology of ghettos – Cătălin Berescu

Chapter 6. Loci of segregation. Segregated housing areas and the discursive construction of segregation in the news – Hanna Orsolya Vincze

Chapter 7. Transnational criminalization: maintaining spatio-racial segregation in left-wing Turin – Giovanni Picker