The racialization of exclusion and limits of “Roma inclusion policies” [Enikő Vincze]

The paper was presented at the Workshop “Public policies for Roma inclusion in Romania and the inclusion of Roma migrants from Romania in Catalunya”, organized in Barcelona by Facultat de Geografia i Historia/ Universidad de Barcelona, and the Faculty of Political Sciences (SNSPA), Bucharest, FEBRUARY 27-28, 2014.


This paper addresses “Roma inclusion policies” in Romania as forms of governmentality, or as politically informed options that are unable to treat the structural causes of  socio-territorial exclusion of marginalized Roma. The paper briefly discusses about the latter, and – by three examples – it illustrates how Roma socio-territorial exclusion is racialized. My main message is that Roma exclusion is produced at the intersection of neoliberalization and racialization, and – due to this – instead of social inclusion policies conceived as technical interventions, there is a need for a politics of social justice capable to act on the behalf of redistribution, recognition and political representation of ethnic Roma, including its better-off, marginalized or excluded classes.