Analysis of Polish and Slovak national and regional newspapers [Michal Buchowski and Bartosz Wiśniewski]

This report aims to research the public discourse on the Roma in Poland and
Slovakia. The following analysis is particularly useful in combination with a previous
report on the assimilation of the Roma population in Poznań (available at SPAREX
website). According to the initial assumptions I analyzed resources at the local and state
level, that is, for Poland: national media – Gazeta Wyborcza and Rzeczpospolita, two local
newspapers – Gazeta Wyborcza Poznań and Glos Wielkopolski as well as Roma
associations websites – Foundation Behtałe Roma at the local level and the Association of
Roma in Poland at the national level. Official documents were also helpful during the
analysis, especially “Reports on the implementation of the Programme for the Roma
community in Poland” in national and local variations.
In the case of Slovakia, SME and PRAVDA were taken into account as
representative national newspapers, on the local level I chose the electronic edition of SME
– and Novinky. The analysis included websites of the Milan Šimečka
Foundation, Nadácia Otvorenej Spoločnosti (Open Society Fundation), Smile as a gift in
Košice, and government documents, such as the “Strategy for development of
marginalized people” and the “Strategy concerning relations with marginalized groups”.

Roma-Poland & Slovakia