Media representation of Roma in Romania. Preliminary notes [Iuliu Kozák]

Media representation of Roma parallels the developments that push Roma to the margins of the society. Data from active watch and media monitoring show that Roma are negatively represented by the media, although neutral representation tend to increase (Presei 2006). There is a high social majority consensus on
how events, problems should be depicted and presented, and how to fit Roma in this presentation. However, regarding our special topic on evictions and housing, there is more ambivalence. On the one hand, there are representations that reproduce majority consensus, depicting Roma as villains, undeserving habitants of space, unfriendly and bothering neighbors. On the other hand, some, fewer of course, articles portray Roma showing more concern for them. In this article, I will sketch this ambivalence by concentrating on a single case: the eviction of Roma from Coastei street from Cluj-Napoca and their relocation to Pata Rat.

Media representation of Roma in Romania_kozak